Corporate Communications

If you want greater success with your business and a better bottom line, working strategically with communication is a pivotal step in the right direction. We will start by composing a communication strategy that is deeply rooted in your business strategy and your concrete business goals. If your business strategy isn’t yet sorted out, we’ll start with that. When the strategic work has been completed, we will help in planning and executing the actual activities.

The practical work of devising the communication strategy will be based on one or more strategic workshops for your management group – supplied by Scandinavian Communications. The preliminary work with your communication strategy includes often a thorough communication analysis, target group analysis and background research on your organisation using our effective communication models. All these models have been developed and successfully tested thoroughly with Danish and international clients throughout the past 12 years.

Most companies today only measure the effect, business value and ROI (Return-of-Investment) of their communication, PR and online marketing to a lesser extent. This makes demonstrating the direct business value to management and the board difficult. At Scandinavian Communications, we also work to establish goals and measuring the effect, ROI and business value of the activities in close collaboration with our clients. Facts about value and ROI can strengthen the line of reasoning when it comes to ensuring more resources for the communications department – or securing what’s already available. Measuring these parameters also provides a more professional effort and basis for evaluation when we can show factually the effect each activity has on the target group.