Win with Vikings
on your team.

We are passioned with heart and mind to help you communicate with impact and leverage your business in the Scandinavian markets. We fight hard but clean to make you succeed as a leader and get your business flourish. So, really. You should get some Vikings on your team!

Christina Rytter, Founder & Trusted Communications Advisor

Core Services.

Strategic Communications
Do you want greater success with your business and a better bottom line? If so, working strategically with communication is a pivotal step in the right direction.

Management Communications
Strong personal communication skills are crucial for your success as a professional C-level or mid-level leader. Get your own customised communications training programme.

Crisis Communications
In a crisis, you’ll have our team of Trusted Communications Advisors at hand 24/7. Every organisation is vulnerable to crises, so you better prepare.

Public Relations
We help you cultivate a positive reputation with the public - more specifically your key stakeholders. Or help you defend your public reputation in a crisis.

Content Marketing
We help you find, write and share your good stories to create awareness, relations and sales.
We deliver all types of written, visual, video and animated marketing content  

Social Media
The use of social media and influencers in the Scandinavian markets differs. We help you draw up a SoMe strategy, create tailored content and execute with success.