Why us?

Elevate your business – saving time and money
Scandinavian Communications offers a single point of contact for all countries in Scandinavia, so you save time and get more out of your budget, cutting costs with shared project management and content creation across countries. Your personal Account Director tailors a Scandinavian team to match your industry, scope of activities and target group in the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Your team members are talented and dedicated experts with considerable experience and successful track records in delivering results for international clients in the Scandinavian markets. We excel in Strategic Communications, Management Communications Training, Crisis Communications, PRContent Marketing and Social Media (SoMe). Your personal Account Director and hand-picked team are talented, winners, passionate - and likable. We all fight for you.

Close the gap
We help you understand Scandinavians and close the gap between your own culture and the different cultures and target groups in the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. So, you’ll get greater results. Often, it’s the little differences between each Scandinavian country and culture that will make you fail or succeed in business, communications and relations in Scandinavia.

Our network is your network
Scandinavia is all about network. As our client, you can draw on our strong and extensive influencer network within media, social media and the private and public sectors in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Scandinavian Communications is also a partner in the Public Relations Global Network (www.PRGN.com). The PRGN features an exclusive list of more than 50 hand-picked communications agencies around the globe. Membership is by invitation only. So, if you like to go beyond Scandinavia, we also know the right people to help you with that. We can connect you directly. Or expand your market reach from Scandinavia - as you like. Without you needing to deal with more people in every market. Your personal Account Director takes care of it – and reports to you. Explore our global network of dedicated partners below.

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Your team

Christina Rytter
CEO & Founder
Trusted Communications Advisor

Søren Ignaz
MarCom Advisor
Scandinavian Client Director

Theresia Swanholm
Communications Advisor
Scandinavian Client Director

Oliver Hofmann
Communications Advisor
Scandinavian Client Director

Eva Helene Kabelmann
Digital & SoMe content Director

Murad Ahmed
VNR & Video content Director

Lone Schønnemann
Creative Director

Camilla Dam
Digital Designer

KG Rickhamre
Trusted Communications Advisor

Päivi Holmqvist
Trusted Communications Advisor

Andreas Tollefsen
Trusted Communications Advisor

Mads Harboe