Crisis Communications

In a crisis, you’ll have Scandinavian Communications’ team of Trusted Communications Advisors at hand 24/7. Every organisation is vulnerable to crises. The days of playing ostrich – burying your head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away – are gone. Professional organisations should have a plan for handling a crisis if worst comes to worst. If you don’t prepare, you will incur more damage. Reacting quickly and working with professional crisis communications will minimise the adverse impact in the press as well as with your clients and employees. At the same time, management will have an opportunity for communicating in a well-advised manner.

Get a crucial head start
Part of our proactive crisis communication involves risk analysis, scenario planning, crisis simulation and crisis training for management and spokespersons. A manual for crisis communication ensures management the tiny head start that can be all-important for the outcome of a crisis. The purpose of a proactive contingency plan isn’t just to be prepared, but also to pay attention to societal changes and analysing individual issues – we call this Issue Management. In this way we can predict – and influence – the consequences of a decision before it is allowed to negatively affect the company or organisation. During crisis communication, media and message training also has critical significance for the outcome of a crisis if that communication is exposed in the media – for example through critical interviews with the company’s managing director.

Do you have a crisis on social media?
Then our simulation game “Online War Room” might be the help you need. You’ll get social media training for you and your social media team in a confidential setting, working tactically with social media by staging realistic SoMe scenarios and acting them out in our closed server environment before going live - by for example simulating a crisis. Learn more about Online War Room.

Need help with a crisis?