Crisis Communications

In a crisis, you’ll have Scandinavian Communications’ team of Trusted Communications Advisors at hand 24/7. Every organisation is vulnerable to crises and change - as we see with the impact of the Coronavirus. Professional leaders and organisations should have a plan for handling crises and change when worst comes to worst. If you don’t prepare or act, you will incur more damage. Reacting quickly and working with professional crisis communications will minimize the adverse impact in the press as well as with your clients, investors and employees. At the same time, management will have an opportunity for communicating in a well-advised manner.

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International Trusted Communications Advisor Christina Rytter helps top executives with crisis communication and personal communications coaching so they can show stronger and more authentic personal leadership and navigate successfully through crises and change.

To get your own Crisis Communications Advisor means that someone fully has your back. By utilizing an expert, you will be in a position of strength. It takes critical steps involving both internal and external communication to successfully manage a crisis and protect your reputation. Strategies for dealing with a crisis often involve unpopular solutions that could put a staff member in an awkward position with management or other departments. Because the outside expert has no personal relationships to protect—other than protecting the client itself— he or she can take what may be viewed as a more challenging approach with fewer repercussions. Although there is an additional cost to hiring an outside communications advisor, the benefits and return on investment are often compelling.

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Our proactive Crisis and Change Communication could also involve Risk Analysis, Scenario Planning, Crisis Simulation, Stakeholder Mapping and Crisis Media- and Message training for management and spokespersons. A manual for crisis communication ensures management the tiny head start that can be all-important for the outcome of a crisis or change. The purpose of a proactive contingency plan isn’t just to be prepared, but also to pay attention to societal changes and analyzing individual issues – called Issue Management. In this way we can predict – and influence – the consequences of a decision before it is allowed to negatively affect the company or organisation. PR and Media Relations can also have critical significance for the outcome of a crisis if the company or management is exposed in the media – for example through critical interviews with the company’s Managing Director.

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Need help with a crisis?

Need help with a crisis?