How much does PR cost?
PR is typically ongoing work with the objective of building your brand equity and positioning, increasing awareness and exposure, and, in turn, converting sales.

Public Relations

Scandinavian Communications helps your business, organization or you as an individual to cultivate a positive reputation with the public - and more specifically your key stakeholders. We also help you defend your public reputation during a crisis that threatens your credibility.
Public Relations (PR) is – as opposed to marketing - unpaid or earned communications. They are separate roles entirely, but we recommend that you work with PR and marketing hand-in-hand. The simplest differentiator between PR and marketing is the exchange of funds. PR is earned media, whereas marketing is paid media – guaranteed placement for specific, anticipated returns. PR includes media relations, social media and in-person engagements.

Scandinavian Communications uses some of the same PR writing tools to create content marketing with higher impact for sales support and engagement with your target groups.

Tailored PR stories with impact
Our skilled journalistic team will help you write good PR stories with enough impact to reach the media. Scandinavian Communications' team has extensive experience working with customised and proactive PR, media relations - including press releases – and social media in the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our tailored Scandinavian and journalistic approach creates exceptionally good PR results. The reason for this is that we uncover your best PR stories and write press releases and produce Video News Releases of true journalistic worth for Scandinavian media. We then add your commercial PR messages with great care so that they aren’t rejected by the media. All members of our skilled PR team have worked as journalists themselves – on TV and in both dailies and verticals.

Two decades of media relations
Our team has an extensive network in the Scandinavian media built through our work with PR in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in the last two decades. As our client, you will always get a hand-picked team for your PR, media and social media relations – a skilled team that not only has great experience with PR and knows the relevant Scandinavian editors, journalists and social media influencers but also has a sharp journalistic pen and in-depth knowledge about your line of business.

Scandinavian Communications also assists in influencing the formation of public opinion in specific cases through focused communication and PR work in the media. By employing both media analysis and public opinion analysis, we will examine how the outside world views your company or organisation. And we will establish PR tactics and press strategies for how to strengthen the reputation, alter the perception, create ambassadors and build deep and long-lasting relations with your stakeholders.