We worked 2 years behind the scenes on this! Now we launch the new, disruptive tool Monitio that reinvents media monitoring, translation and assisted fact-checking through AI technologies. We are so excited to launch Monitio as a first step in the European markets of Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Germany – in the pictures showcased at Monitio User Day in Madrid last week.

In the Monitio project, Scandinavian Communications is part of a pan-European Consortium collaboration with frontrunner tech-company Priberam, the international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle and the University of Cambridge. We have received EU funding for the development of the core technologies and readiness for commercial launch in the programme “Fast Track to Innovation” under Horizon 2020 – which aims to reduce the time from idea to market.

Monitio is the first tool on the market to monitor media from countries worldwide in real-time AND simultaneously translate the content from the original language into English, Spanish, Portuguese, or German – also in real-time. Also, Monitio has assisted fact-checking newer seen before in the market of media monitoring. Monitio automatically structures thousands of articles into thematic clusters, so users get an overview of how media content relates to specific topics, persons, companies etc. This gives much deeper insights into your industry, markets, and competitors.

Learn more at Monitio.com