By Christina Rytter, Founder & Trusted Communications Advisor

Did crisis or change turn your business upside down? If so, you might need to reboot your commercial strategy. The second vital cornerstone – following your Target Group – is your Key Messaging. If your market and target group change, so must your Key Messaging.

Get your Key Messages in order
It is vital to have your Key Messages in order – and adapt to your new normal. Do a solid piece of work with both your Corporate & Product Messages. Our Corporate messages must be Value-driven, authentic and show WHY your company or organisation are in this world? What lights your inner fire? This is feeling based messages. All studies show that our actions as humans to a large extend is feeling driven. It’s hardwired biology. Your Product messages must address your target groups pains, needs and dreams. You need to understand and take your target groups perspective to create relevant product messages. NOT only your company perspective!

Talk to your target group
The best and most simple way to develop your product messages and unique selling proposition/points (USP) is to test if your product messages resonate with your target group. This is not rocket science. Just ask them! A great easy way to get started is to do a qualitative interview survey. Line up 10+ interviews with people in your core target group – and do a thematized interview face-to-face or on the phone. You will quite quickly start to see the overall pattern in your target groups pains and preferences. You can learn more about their barriers to changing behaviour and how you best positively influence them. You will get answers that surprise you and challenge your prejudiced position with a deeper and more clear understanding of how to connect with your target group and adapt your Key Messaging to get a stronger impact.

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