By Christina Rytter, Founder & Trusted Communications Advisor

When you are hit by crisis or change and things, as you knew them, is turned upside down you need to reboot your commercial strategy to adapt. One of the important cornerstones in your strategy is your market – and thereby target group. You need to take a deeper look at if the crisis or change you are in affects your market? And if so in what way? Did crisis change your need to move to other international markets – or focus more regional or local? What did happen to your competitors? And what does it all mean to your target group? Still the same – or maybe you need to move in a different direction. With a tweek or change in your brand positioning?

Your target group rules
The target group is what decides your communications and marketing. Your visual identity, your tone of voice, which key messaging and USPs you push forward, which channels you communicate in – and your choice of MarCom activities. So, it is pretty important to evaluate your target group.

A vital part of your MarCom Strategy is to segment your target groups and influencers. Successful Communications, PR and Marketing start with a very clear and deep segmentation. Your target groups are often very different. The more we unfold the target groups and influencers in our strategic work, the clearer it becomes, that we have many more, than we realize off the top of our heads. 

Find your ideal customer avatar
A typical pitfall is, therefore, that companies try to reach all target groups with the same type of communications. If you try to reach everyone – often you reach no one. And the MarCom results become too weak to create a successful impact on the business. Clear communication is about qualification. You need laser focus – so just choose fewer than you got 😉. We are talking qualification of the target group, product or service line, messages, channels, markets etc. Of cause, it’s a little caricatured – but you get the point! 

A good way to get to the core of your target group is to find your ideal customer avatar. This means that you describe all the characteristics as deep as you can to get a clear understanding of who you communicate to.

If you need help to evaluate your target group and Reboot Strategy don’t hesitate to contact us.

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